Adelaide Di Nunzio, was born in Naples, lives and works between Cologne in Germany and Naples in Italy.
Her images are in color and black and white with digital processing. She photograph
digitally but also in analogue.

The approach to the image is always anthropological and social. Her search for symbols and evocations creates images that offer the viewer a reflection on the theme and an emotional communication channel.

She currently creates projects both in the field of artistic photography and in photo-reportage.
She also shoots commercial images for portrait, in the field of fashion and entertainment but also cultural / artistic and entertainment events, architectural and interior photographs.


Reportage is the most important way to use photography because it is a gesture of love towards the world and people. Photography allows you to participate empathically with all that is around you, stopping the real memories of life inside yourself and inside the people ‘s minds and consciences.
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fine art

Artistic photography arises from the heart, from the nuances of the soul, it uses what the eye cannot see.
In a subtle way art glides over the waves of reality revealing a third dimension that has the same value of truth.
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Today everything exists to end up in a photograph Susan Sontag says, so photography tells our world of entertainment and customs:
events, music, theatre, ceremonies, fashion, cinema, architecture, companies, hotels, places of entertainment and vacation.
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